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A Hindu Becomes a Christian

Many years ago, an English officer, who was in charge of a British station in India, received a message telling him to return to England for a while. He had quite a few Indian people working for him, and wondered who would be able to take his place while he...
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The Breastplate of Righteousness

The second piece of armor is the ‘breastplate of righteousness’ (Eph. 6:14). In Paul’s day, soldiers wore a protective breastplate made of metal or very tough leather. The breastplate covered the chest and the abdomen, protecting vital organs from swords and other weapons. The breastplate was a critical defense against...
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A Barber Receives His Reward

Many years ago there lived a barber in the city of Bath, England. For a long time he had been in the habit of keeping his shop open on Sunday. But after he became a Christian, he believed that he was breaking the Sabbath and that he must close his...
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Divine Meditation: Frequency and Time

First, divine meditation must be frequent—ideally, twice a day, if time and obligations permit; certainly, at least once a day. If Joshua, as a busy commander, was ordered by God to meditate on His law day and night, shouldn’t we also delight in meditating on God’s truth every morning and...
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The definition, nature, and kinds of meditation

“While I was musing the fire burned,” David said (Ps. 39:3). The word meditate or muse means to “think on” or to “reflect.” It also means “to murmur, to mutter, to make sound with the mouth…. It implies what we express by one talking to himself.” A person who practices...
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Faith over frantic action and fearful frustration

    Do it Yourself Religion You have heard it said that “God helps those who help themselves.” But is that really what the Bible teaches us about the life of faith? This week, on Doctrine for Life, Dr. Joel Beeke teaches us how foolish it is to use human means...
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Be a Disciple of Christ

Though not all disciples of Christ are called to the study and teaching of theology, all theologians and teachers in the church must be disciples of Christ. The training of the first Christian theologians began when they heard Christ say, “Follow me” (Matt. 4:19; Luke 5:27). Christ “ordained twelve” to...
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How Do You Face Temptation?

(1) Your danger in temptation; (2) Your profit from temptation; (3) Your victory over temptation....
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The Belt of Truth

Truth is a means to sanctification, to holiness of life (Eph 4:24; John 17:17). ‘Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth,’ Paul says in Ephesians 6:14. In Bible times, the soldier fastened or buckled the girdle, or belt, at his waist around the short tunic he wore. The...
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A Sermon to One Hearer

Reverend Branner once promised to preach for a country minister in England. When the Sabbath came, it was terribly stormy, cold and uncomfortable. It was in the middle of winter and the snow was piled up along the roads, so that travelling was hard. Still, the minister urged his horse...
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