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The Apex of Jesus’s Prayers: Glorifying His Father’s Name

(1) Father, be the primacy of our prayer; (2) Father, grant us know Thee rightly; (3) Father, move us to magnify Thee; (4) Father, order our lives for Thy honor....
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Jesus’ Crown of Thorns

A Symbol of His prophesied suffering; A symbol of his priestly substitution; A symbol of His kingly love....
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Jesus’ Tears

(1) At Bethany; (2) Over Jerusalem; (3) In Gethsemane....
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“He Suffered”: Precious Blood

1 Peter 1:18-19 (1) The centrality of Christ’s blood; (2) The cost of Christ’s blood; (3) The capability of Christ’s blood....
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Paul’s Great, Christ-centered Confession of Faith

  (1) The special characteristics of this confession; (2) The Christ-centered articles of this Confession; (3) The practical imperatives of this confession...
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Jesus as Our Mediator

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:20–2:5 1. What He must be a. Truly human b. Practical applications c. Truly God d. Practical applications 2. Who He is a. Our Lord Jesus Christ b. Our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption 3. How we know Him a. From the holy gospel b. Practical...
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Belonging to the Perfect Father

By gracious adoption; By supernatural rebirth; By expectant prayer. John 1:12-14; Matthew 6:9...
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A Despised Birthright

(1) Esau’s character; (2) Esau’s circumstance; (3) Esau’s choice; (4) Esau’s carelessness...
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Circumcision as a Covenant Sign

  (1) Its summons; (2) Its symbolism; (3) Its supplanter; (4) Its support...
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Jesus, Our Everlasting Father

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 9:2–7; 53:10–12 Father of eternity Everlasting Father Father forever Father of the ages to come...
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