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The Trinitarian Foundation of Adoption

Believers are not sons of God by nature because we lost the status and privileges of sonship in our tragic fall with Adam in Paradise. Adoption is possible only when God’s electing grace calls us into all the privileges and blessings of being His children. When we are born again,...
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Belonging to the Perfect Father

By gracious adoption; By supernatural rebirth; By expectant prayer. John 1:12-14; Matthew 6:9...
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Transformed Relationships Resulting from Adoption

Adoption brings blessings into every part of a believer’s life. It affects his relationship to God, to the world, to his future, to himself, and to his brothers and sisters in God’s family. Thus, the biblical doctrine of adoption is central to a proper understanding of every important aspect of...
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The Greatness and Comprehensiveness of Adoption

The Puritans were fond of stressing the transforming power, superlative value, and surprising wonder of adoption. They spoke often of its greatness, excellency, and comprehensiveness. William Perkins said that a believer should esteem his adoption as God’s child as greater than being “the childe or heire of any earthly Prince...
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The Amazing Wonder of Adoption

The triune God delights in family planning. Unlike most modern human family planning, which is restrictive and limiting, God’s plans for His family are expansive and enlarging. Spiritual adoption—the wonderful teaching that every genuine Christian is an adopted child in God’s family—is a foundational and vital factor that God uses...
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Beeke’s Book of the Month April 2023— Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption

This month, Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption by Dr. Joel Beeke is on sale for only $5 at Reformation Heritage Books. Enjoy this brief excerpt that introduces you to the fascinating subject of this book. (Note: All of the references in this article are properly footnoted in the...
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