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Holy Spirit

The Spirit’s Work in Prior Ages

A superficial reading of the New Testament might lead some to conclude that the presence of the Spirit in the church and in the world was something new. The same mistake is often made regarding what Christ calls “the new covenant in my blood.” It is easy to separate the...
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Holy Spirit

Grieving the Spirit

If the Spirit helps us commune with the Father and the Son, governs our spirits, defends us in spiritual conflict, leads us in faith, seals our souls, and comforts us till death, then what happens when we fail Him and succumb to our own sin and folly? At such times,...
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Holy Spirit

The Names of the Spirit

At times the Bible gives to the Spirit names or titles related to works he does or graces he gives, such as the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of holiness, the Spirit of life, the Spirit of adoption, the Spirit of faith, the Spirit of grace,...
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Holy Spirit

The Indispensability of the Spirit

Contagious Christian living brings many blessings, but let us always remember that the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential not only in empowering us to live contagiously but also in making that contagiousness effective by blessing others through our lives. Many believers forget that today; they write entire books on how...
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Holy Spirit

The Puritan Evangelist

The Puritan evangelist brought to his work a unique inward disposition or frame of mind and soul. Commitment to godliness lay at the heart of the Puritan vision. Thomas Brooks wrote, “A preacher’s life should be a commentary upon his doctrine; his practice should be the counterpane [counterpart] of his...
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Holy Spirit

The Spirit’s Work

The night on which He was betrayed, Jesus spoke to His disciples about the dawn of a new day that would be heralded by the Holy Spirit’s coming to dwell in them (John 14:17). Jesus says in John 16:8, “When he is come, he will reprove the world of sin,...
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Holy Spirit

Conforming Us

The resurrected body of Jesus teaches us much about our resurrection bodies. The risen Jesus appeared in the same body that had been crucified. His wounds were apparent; his new body was very much like what he had prior to death. He was recognizable. Although on some occasions, such as...
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