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John Calvin

Calvin the Socio-Theologian

Calvin models for us the wide-ranging impact of his theology on Western European and North American civilization, whether it be the rise of the Western democracies; the development of economic life and international commerce, scholarship, and scientific discovery; or the promotion of the values of human dignity, personal freedom, social...
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John Calvin

Practical Lessons from the Life of Idelette Calvin

John Calvin was devoted to Scripture and the church. He emphasized God’s sovereignty and Christian living in his preaching and writing, and he was surrounded by many loyal Christian friends. Not surprisingly, he also had a happy marriage. Yet finding a suitable marriage partner had proved to be a daunting...
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John Calvin

Twelve Reasons Calvin is Important Today

Honoring John Calvin may seem a little peculiar to people today. Calvin did not do anything as dramatic as heal a man with his passing shadow or nail his Institutes of the Christian Religion to the door of a cathedral. His teaching, which may be summarized as “the knowledge of...
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John Calvin

Calvin as an Experiential Preacher

John Calvin embraced a high view of preaching. He called the preaching office “the most excellent of all things,” commended by God that it might be held in the highest esteem. “There is nothing more notable or glorious in the church than the ministry of the gospel,” he concluded. [Institutes...
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John Calvin

Crossbearing is Foundational to Our Christian Walk

…Certainly there are few subjects more challenging and more avoided than crossbearing. Yet crossbearing is foundational to our Christian walk. Without bearing your crosses after Christ, you cannot be a Christian. Jesus said plainly in Luke 14:27, “Whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my...
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John Calvin

God is undoubtedly active in history

For the Christian community, history is the stage on which the drama of redemption is displayed. At the beginning is the fall; at the end is the last judgment. In between, the most crucial event is the entry of the eternal God into time as a man, Jesus Christ, the...
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