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Developing Good Communication Skills

When you marry, you enter a covenant of companionship. Malachi 2:14 says, “The wife of thy youth” is “thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant.” But healthy, God-honoring companionship cannot exist without good communication. As husband and wife, you must seek by God’s grace to develop good ways of...
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Loving Your Spouse

Without sincere, selfless love, a marriage cannot glorify God. A husband and wife are to love each other with a strong, fervent, and steadfast love and not with a love that waxes and wanes with the changing tides of beauty, dress, or riches or fluctuates with emotions and lusts. It...
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Puritans on Marital Love

Edward Taylor (c. 1642–1729), a pastor, physician, and poet of Puritan New England, wrote, “A curious knot God made in Paradise…. It was the true-love knot, more sweet than spice.” The writings of the Puritans are sprinkled with declarations of the sweetness of marital love. They delighted in the love...
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The Cultivation of Friendship in Marriage

Cultivation is rooted in farm work. Seed is sown, and tender plants spring up. They cannot flourish if they are not cultivated. Cultivation is rewarding work, for it results in an abundant harvest, when God gives the increase. But it is hard work. Nobody wakes up one morning and is...
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God’s Principles for Marriage

The Puritans often spoke of “duties,” and Gouge was no exception. By “duty” he did not mean something done out of mere obligation and without heartfelt joy. We must serve the Lord with gladness (Ps. 100:2). But the word duty does remind us that God’s will is not just a...
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