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Experiential preaching is applicatory

Experiential preaching is applicatory. It applies the text to every aspect of the listener’s life, promoting religion that is not just a “form of godliness” but also the “power” of God (2 Tim. 3:5). Robert Burns (1789–1869) says that experiential religion is “Christianity brought home to ‘men’s business and bosoms.’”...
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The Preaching of the Word

“Preach the word” (2 Tim. 4:2), Paul charged Timothy. The Puritans took this charge seriously. The insistence of the Puritans on the primacy of preaching in the church was rooted in their conviction of the divine inspiration, authority, power, and purity of the Word. Being deeply convinced that God builds...
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Experimental preaching must be discriminatory

Experimental preaching must be discriminatory. I am not referring to discrimination on the basis of skin color or ethnicity. Neither am I speaking of any form of bigotry and hatred. Discriminatory preaching aims to distinguish the Christian from the non-Christian so that people can diagnose their own spiritual conditions and...
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Calvin as an Experiential Preacher

John Calvin embraced a high view of preaching. He called the preaching office “the most excellent of all things,” commended by God that it might be held in the highest esteem. “There is nothing more notable or glorious in the church than the ministry of the gospel,” he concluded. [Institutes...
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God speaks through His Word

I fear that there are many evangelicals today who believe that God spoke but doubt whether He speaks. They know and talk about the fact that God spoke in the Old Testament but think now that He no longer does so and that they must therefore invent new ways to...
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Lectio Continua Method of Preaching

The greatest need of the church today is the recovery of sound biblical preaching. We need preaching that faithfully explains and applies the text, courageously confronts sin, and boldly trumpets forth the sovereign majesty, law, and gospel promises of God. This type of powerful proclamation has vanished in many quarters...
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Reformed Preaching

Perhaps you have heard preaching that fills the head but not the heart. You come away better informed and educated, but little moved by God’s glory to do God’s will. In the worst case, such preaching puffs people up with knowledge. At its best, it is light without heat. You...
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Pulpit A flame

Although sermonic style varies in different times and places, the Reformation produced a legacy of expositional and experiential preaching that godly men have passed down through the ages. This was certainly the case among the seventeenth-century Puritans. It continued among preachers in various branches of the Reformation tradition, including Presbyterians,...
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