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The Puritans on God’s Holiness and Ours

 In our day, few people consider holiness a priority. But for the Puritans, their goal was to bring every area of life into conformity to Jesus Christ. In this session, Dr. Joel Beeke looks at the Puritans’ teaching on sanctification. This message is from the 2019 National Conference, He...
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Deliberate and Occasional Meditation

The Puritans got it right. So they spent at least a period of time every day in what they called deliberate meditation – where they would deliberately get along with God. They go through an eight step process where they would: first read scripture, memorize something, they then meditated on...
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Puritans on Marital Love

Edward Taylor (c. 1642–1729), a pastor, physician, and poet of Puritan New England, wrote, “A curious knot God made in Paradise…. It was the true-love knot, more sweet than spice.” The writings of the Puritans are sprinkled with declarations of the sweetness of marital love. They delighted in the love...
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The Worldview of the Puritans

The Puritans did not use the term worldview, for such terminology did not appear until the late eighteenth century in Germany and was popularized in the nineteenth century. But the Puritans still had a worldview, which was shaped by the written Word of God. With this divinely given worldview they...
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Some of My Favorite Puritans

My favorite Puritan-minded theologian from the English tradition is Anthony Burgess; from the Dutch tradition, Wilhelmus á Brakel; and from the Scottish tradition, Samuel Rutherford. Let me explain why. Anthony Burgess (d. 1664) In my opinion, Anthony Burgess, vicar of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire from 1635 to 1662, is the most...
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What the Puritans Would Say to Modern Pastors

…One of the great motives driving the Puritans was the need to raise up ministers who imitate Christ. Luke 6:40 says, “The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect [fully trained] shall be as his master.” I would lay before you seven points in which...
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How to Profit from Reading the Puritans

Here are nine ways you can grow spiritually by reading Puritan literature today: 1. Puritan writings help shape life by Scripture. The Puritans loved, lived, and breathed Holy Scripture. They also relished the power of the Spirit that accompanied the Word. Rarely can you open a Puritan book and not...
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