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systematic theology

The Names of the Spirit

At times the Bible gives to the Spirit names or titles related to works he does or graces he gives, such as the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of holiness, the Spirit of life, the Spirit of adoption, the Spirit of faith, the Spirit of grace,...
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systematic theology

Common Objections to Theology

The question of why we do theology presses hard against us in this age. A number of objections are raised against the discipline of systematic theology. Though we deal with them individually here, we realize that in many cases they appear in combinations. Each objection rejects theology as a valuable...
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systematic theology

What Is Theological Anthropology?

“What is man?” So asks more than one biblical writer. It is a question that has stirred the hearts of men, women, and children since the earliest days. Who am I? What are we, and why are we here? Human beings are unique among the creatures that walk upon this...
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systematic theology

The function of anthropology

A true anthropology is foundational for right and wise ethical decisions. Much of the confusion of our age arises from false anthropologies. Stephen Wellum frames the matter provocatively: “Are we creatures of dignity because we are created in God’s image? Or are we merely animals, by-products of an impersonal evolutionary...
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Systematic Theology Must Engage

Systematic theology must engage with erroneous systems of belief, whether false religions, Christian heresies, or less virulent errors in faith or practice in Christian churches. This requires patient instruction of those who oppose the truth (2 Tim. 2:24). Jude 3 says, “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of...
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