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Special acts of worship in families

(1) Daily instruction in the Word of God. God should be worshiped by daily reading and instruction from His Word. Through questions, answers, and instructions, parents and children are to daily interact with each other about sacred truth. As Deuteronomy 6:6–7 says, “And these words, which I command thee this...
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What is Puritan Worship?

Historically, Puritan worship traces its roots to the apostles and early church fathers through the Reformation. In Puritan writings, you will find many references to Martin Luther (1483–1546). Luther sought to bring all of worship under the Holy Scriptures. He cut back the seven sacraments to two, baptism and the...
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The Joel Beeke Interview on Family Worship

We recorded a video interview with Joel Beeke on the topic of family worship, a spiritual discipline very close to his heart and the topic of a few of his books. We’re sharing that with you here on The Heritage Blog in case you haven’t seen it, along with a...
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The Foundation of Puritan Worship: Knowing God in Christ

Stephen Charnock (1628–1680), a gifted Puritan pastor and theologian, said that we cannot worship God unless we consider Him worthy of worship, and we cannot consider Him worthy of worship unless we know Him in Christ. That involves three important things. First, we must know the gospel of Jesus Christ....
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Prepare Faithfully For Worship

The Puritans held that all preparation is ultimately ineffectual apart from the Holy Spirit’s work. Stephen Charnock writes, “To render our worship spiritual, we should, before every engagement in it, implore the actual presence of the Spirit, without which we are not able to send forth one spiritual breath or...
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Family Worship

I believe one major reason for this failure is the lack of stress upon family worship. In many churches and homes family worship is an optional thing, or at most a superficial exercise such as a brief table grace before meals. Consequently, many children grow up with no experience or...
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