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Learning in Community

In the first place, we need to understand that growing in heavenly-mindedness and the pursuit of Christ happens by learning in community. In verse 17 Paul writes, “Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an example.” The growth in heavenly-mindedness...
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The Meaning of Renewal

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit” (Gal. 5:25). Buchanan uses this verse to argue for the inevitability of new conduct in those who are brought to life by the Spirit, [Buchanan, The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit, 240–241.] without denying the...
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God’s Attribute of Holiness

God’s attribute of holiness may be considered the glory of all His attributes. He is “the Holy One”—and thus incomparable (Isa. 40:25), but He is also “the Holy One of Israel”—the faithful Lord of His covenant people (Isa. 1:2–4). Holiness thus summarizes both the majesty and moral excellence—the greatness and...
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God speaks through His Word

I fear that there are many evangelicals today who believe that God spoke but doubt whether He speaks. They know and talk about the fact that God spoke in the Old Testament but think now that He no longer does so and that they must therefore invent new ways to...
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Prepare Faithfully For Worship

The Puritans held that all preparation is ultimately ineffectual apart from the Holy Spirit’s work. Stephen Charnock writes, “To render our worship spiritual, we should, before every engagement in it, implore the actual presence of the Spirit, without which we are not able to send forth one spiritual breath or...
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Conforming Us

The resurrected body of Jesus teaches us much about our resurrection bodies. The risen Jesus appeared in the same body that had been crucified. His wounds were apparent; his new body was very much like what he had prior to death. He was recognizable. Although on some occasions, such as...
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Beeke’s Book of the Month April 2023— Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption

This month, Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption by Dr. Joel Beeke is on sale for only $5 at Reformation Heritage Books. Enjoy this brief excerpt that introduces you to the fascinating subject of this book. (Note: All of the references in this article are properly footnoted in the...
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What is Experiential Theology?

Experiential or experimental theology addresses how a Christian experiences the truth of Christian doctrine in his life. The term experimental comes from the Latin experimentum, meaning “trial.” It is derived from the verb experior, meaning “to try, prove, or put to the test.” That same verb can also mean “to...
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Powerfully Bring His Children Back

Believers should be ashamed that personal revival is even necessary. By confessing our sins, appropriating by faith our riches in Christ, obeying God’s will and renouncing evil on a daily basis, we could have the highest joy, the deepest peace, and the fullest measure of God’s power every day of...
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