Pillar Journal

Powerfully Bring His Children Back


Believers should be ashamed that personal revival is even necessary.

By confessing our sins, appropriating by faith our riches in Christ, obeying God’s will and renouncing evil on a daily basis, we could have the highest joy, the deepest peace, and the fullest measure of God’s power every day of our lives.

Daily life in Christ can be ours in a victorious life of faith, despite our battles with indwelling sin. The problem is that most believers live on a sub-standard level. We leave our first love. We grow spiritually cold. We become powerless. We lose sight of what is eternal and become enamored with the earthly and temporal. God Himself must revive us with childlike faith, heartfelt repentance, unswerving obedience, and loving service.

In revival, God uses His means to powerfully bring His children back to what ought to be a daily Christian walk.

Journal: Puritan Reformed Journal
Volume: PRJ 02:2 (Jul 2010)
Article: The Age Of The Spirit And Revival