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Shape Our Lives by the Authoritative Scriptures

The reading of the word is an ordinance of God, and mean[s] of salvation, of God’s own appointment. The Bible is this word, and God has given it to us, and appointed it to be read. —THOMAS BOSTON In John Bunyan’s (1628–1688) famed Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian is escorted into a...
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Contagious Love for the Scriptures

The Puritans shape our minds according to the Bible. They loved the Bible, lived the Bible, sang the Bible, preached the Bible, read the Bible, memorized the Bible. They were thinking about the Bible every day. They were Bible-shaped theologians and Bible-shaped preachers. They just thought that way—that’s who they...
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Theocentric, Scripture-Shaped Piety

Because the Puritans had a high view of the Bible, they had a high view of God. Actually, it was their high view of God that led them to have such a high esteem for the Bible, because it is His self-attested, self-authenticating, inspired and precious Word. They “received it...
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All of Scripture for All of Life

Sola Scriptura, one of the five “solas,” or watchwords of the Protestant Reformation, asserts that Scripture alone is the supreme, infallible authority for Christian faith and life. Known as the “formal principle” of the Protestant Reformation, this watchword summarizes the truth that Scripture is the ultimate criterion for all that...
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Perspicuity of Scripture

From a scriptural context, the following conclusions can be drawn about the perspicuity of Scripture: Although some portions of Scripture are more difficult to grasp than others, all of Scripture is understandable in and of itself. Luther’s assertion of this is supported by several texts in Scripture, most notably Deuteronomy...
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