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God is Love

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God’s Majestic and Moral Holiness

The Church never rises above it’s view of God. To understand the value of the attributes of God is critical for every congregation. Where small thoughts of God prevail there will be small thoughts of sin, small thoughts of Christ, small thoughts of the way of salvation. There will be...
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Preparation for Communion

  1) Divine drawing (11:4a: Wednesday evening=Preparatory); (2) Divine rest (11:4b: Lord’s Supper sermon); (3) Divine nourishment (11:4b: Lord’s Supper at the table)....
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Christ’s Amazing Priestly Intercession

  In life, it’s inevitable that we often compare people, especially during times of selection and voting. We engage in this practice during elections, determining who best suits a particular position in accordance with Scripture. We also do it in the church when we vote for office bearers and as...
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How to End in Christ with All Our Sufferings

Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-13 Before affliction comes it is difficult to get ready for it. After we go through affliction it can be difficult to have it sanctified the way it should be. But it is in the furnace of affliction – in the heartbeat of suffering – that we struggle...
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The Bride’s Post-Communion Experience: Part 2

  The second part of the sermon on the Song of Solomon 5:2-16 Sermon by Dr. Joel Beeke The first part of this sermon is found HERE....
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The Bride’s Post-Communion Experience: Part 1

  What should Christians do when after a mountain top experience of communion with God find themselves in a valley? Three thoughts on the Bride’s Post-Communion Experience: Her honest confession Her moved affections Her varied meetings Biblical Text: Song of Solomon 5:2-16 Sermon by Dr. Joel Beeke  ...
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Feasting on Christ in Communion

What does the Communion really mean? What bread and wine are; What bread and wine mean; What bread and wine do....
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God’s Holiness

One of our greatest needs always as a church, as individuals, and your family is not only an awareness but a personal encounter with the holiness of God. (1) Majestic holiness; (2) Moral holiness; (3) Gracious holiness. Sermon by Dr. Joel Beeke Heritage Reformed Church July 23, 2023...
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What is True Conversion?

  Sermon Text: Psalm 51:10-13 Its comprehensiveness Its sorrow Its joy Its fruits  ...
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