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The essays in The Beauty and Glory of the Father call us to stand in wonder of the First Person of the Trinity.

Through an assortment of studies, readers are challenged to recognize the Father’s glory displayed in His Son, to adore His beautiful attributes, to know Him as a Savior, and to rest in His loving hands. This book, along with The Beauty and Glory of Christ and The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit, reinforces the ongoing necessity of cultivating a Trinitarian piety. 

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Table of Contents:

Part 1: Seeing the Father’s Glory in His Only Begotten Son

1. The Father’s Love for His Son (John 3:35) —Bart Elshout

2. Father and Son in the Exodus (Hos. 11:1, etc.) —Jerry Bilkes

Part 2: Adoring the Beautiful Attributes of the Father

3. The Holiness of the Father in the Old Testament (Isa. 6) —Derek Thomas

4. The Father’s Mercy (1 Peter 1:3-5) —William VanDoodewaard

5. Richard Sibbes on the Mercy and Faithfulness of the Father (2 Cor. 1:3, 18) —Paul Smalley

Part 3: Knowing God the Father as Savior

6. Seeing the Father in the Face of Jesus (John 14:9) —Derek Thomas

7. The Apostle John and the Puritans on the Father’s Adopting, Transforming Love (1 John 3) —Joel Beeke

Part 4: Resting in the Father’s Loving Hands

8. Your Father in Heaven (Matt. 5-7) —William VanDoodewaard

9. Counseling and the Fatherhood of God —David Murray

10. The Father’s Beautiful Hand of Blessed Chastisement (Heb. 12:4-13) —Burk Parsons


11. The Need for a Trinitarian Piety (Eph. 2:18) —Ryan McGraw



Joel R. Beeke (PhD, Westminster Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan; editor of Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth; editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books; and a prolific author.



“Sometimes doctrines we think we know are those in which we need to be grounded afresh, and the fatherhood of God is one. We acknowledge that in Jesus, God is our father, and that grace in Jesus Christ has given us access to the Father by the Spirit. But what are the contours of this rich and precious biblical doctrine? This collection of essays will help answer that question as we are led into the glory of God’s triune being, as well as to see the Father in the face of Jesus Christ and to trust again in the care our heavenly Father takes of us. This is a book to enlighten the mind and warm the heart. I cannot commend it highly enough.”  — Rev. Dr. Iain D. Campbell, pastor, Free Church of Scotland in Point, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

“Without question, the most important subject ever to occupy the human mind is the profound study of God. Consistent with this conviction, The Beauty and Glory of the Father is a veritable treasure-house of truth concerning the vast realm of theology proper. Doctrinally rich and practically helpful, this concise volume is an impressive compilation by a team of gifted authors, each man making a significant contribution that is well worth your effort to read. I am certain that you will find this substantial work to be mind-sharpening, heart-stimulating, and soul-stirring.” — Steven J. Lawson, senior pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Mobile, Alabama

“Do you earnestly long to ‘delight yourself in the Lord’ and grow in your knowledge of the infinite love and majesty of God the Father? Does your heart yearn for a deeper intimacy with the One who made you and sent His precious Son to die for you? Read this book! In The Beauty and Glory of the Father, not only are we given a thoroughly biblical portrait of the nature and works of our heavenly Father, but we are also helpfully taught how to think and live as His adopted children.” — Rev. Dr. Jon D. Payne, pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian, Charleston, South Carolina

“Rarely has a book been written on the beauty and glory of God the Father. This is a collection of the messages given at Puritan Seminary’s theology conference in August 2012. Unlike many anthologies, this one is a jewel. You will find a number of topics here not normally expounded in our times. I am sure you will profit from reading this book.” — Joseph A. Pipa Jr., president, Greenville Theological Seminary



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