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Men of Prayer

The church today desperately needs such preachers whose private prayers season their pulpit messages.
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During Family Worship

Lead family worship with a firm, fatherly hand and a soft, penitent heart. Even when you’re bone-weary after a day’s work, pray for strength to carry out your fatherly duty.
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The Place of the Law in the Christian Life

As the demands of God’s Law are unchangeable, its threatenings, promises, and chastisements are still active for the believer.
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The Bible in the Suitcase

If you were away from home with other people, would you be certain to pack your Bible yourself and read it in front of them?
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Circumcision as a Covenant Sign

Circumcision as a Covenant Sign: (1) Its summons; (2) Its symbolism; (3) Its supplanter; (4) Its support
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Knowing God According to His Self-Revelation

Swinnock focuses the gaze of his readers on the incomparable greatness of God, who “is boundless in His duration, perfections, attributes, and being.”
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The Priority of Prayer

Prayer for Puritan pastors was more than just a way to obtain gifts of grace for ministry; it was also a way to keep their hearts and minds focused upon the glory of the Lord.
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Christ’s Gift

He gave gifts for converting elect sinners and making them saints.
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Beeke’s BOTM April 2024

We must aim to train the inmost being of our children by informing their minds and shaping their consciences so that if God’s Spirit blesses our children with saving grace, they will live by faith in the Son of God and walk in faithful obedience to God’s commands.
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To Die

Jesus was born to die. It is hard for us to grasp that truth, for we were created to live, not to die. Death is an intruder and a great enemy to life.