Pillar Journal

A Prayer for the Transition of Years


Lord, as we arrive at the cusp of another year’s end,
We feel reluctant to cross the finish line.
For we ought to have run a better race.
Both Thy record book of memory and ours of conscience,
Find us painfully lacking in Scripture’s balances.

We wish we had justified ourselves less and repented more.
We wish we had talked less and communed with Thee more.
We wish we had sinned less and loved Thy Son more.
We wish we had backslidden less and worshiped Thee more.
We wish we had judged others less and served them more.

We can’t understand why Thou has loaded us with so many blessings.
Why hast Thou been so much better to us than we to Thee?
Why hast Thou borne our griefs and carried our sorrows,
And interceded continually, and loved fully, even when chastening us?
Forgive, O Lord, our rewarding of evil for all Thy good.

We pray for grace to run the race of grace better in the year to come,
In and by Thy strength, making mention only of Thy righteousness,
Expecting nothing of ourselves but everything of Thee.
Jesus Christ, enfold us in Thy shepherding arms, pencil Thy image on us,
And ripen us for eternal communion with Thee to Thy Triune glory.