Pillar Journal

A Child’s Gift

What can you give to help God’s work?

A little girl named Katy was the daughter of a poor widow. At Sunday School she heard a missionary tell about heathen children living in
sin and misery, never having heard the gospel. When he talked about the importance of sending Bibles to them, Katy said to herself, “I want to help.”

When she came home, she told her mother what she had heard. That night she lay in bed thinking about the children who had never heard about the Lord Jesus. So the next morning, she went to her mother and asked, “Is Pet mine to keep?”

“Yes, dear,” answered her mother. “it is.”

Pet was a little motherless chicken, about a month old, which a neighbor had given Katy. Katy loved it very much. Pet knew Katy’s voice and followed her everywhere. It was the little girl’s treasure.

“Mommy,” began Katy, “I am going to give Pet to the missionary. I have nothing else to give, and I am going to carry it to the minister’s this morning.”

Katy’s mother smiled. “What a good idea, Katy. I am glad you care so much about what the missionary told you.”

Katy went out to give Pet its last breakfast, and as the crumbs fell from her hand, her eyes filled with tears. But she got a basket, lined it with a soft cloth, and put Pet in it. When she told the minister her story, tears filled the man’s eyes, too. He could not help thinking that if his whole congregation had Katy’s giving spirit, they would be able to raise a good sum of money for the mission. He gave Katy some money for the chicken which she then solemnly dropped in the missionary box on the minister’s table. Sadly, she turned to leave.

“Katy,” said the minister.

“Yes, sir,” answered Katy with a quiver in her voice.

“I have no one to take care of this little chick. Would you like to take it home and take care of it for me?”

Katy’s face broke into a happy smile. “Really? Oh, I would love to!”

Gently she placed Pet back in the basket and thanked the minister. Home she went, her heart overflowing with double gladness.

Question: What can you give to help God’s work? Most importantly, have you surrendered your life to Jesus? What does 1 Chronicles 29:14 teach us about the money and other things that we give to help God’s cause and people?

Scripture Reading: Luke 21:1-4; Romans 12:1-21.

Excerpt from
How God Used A SNOWDRIFT: And Other Devotional Stories
By Joel R. Beeke & Diana Kleyn