Pillar Journal

Christ’s Love in Heaven: Utopian Perfection

Our perfect soul taken up to Christ. Our perfect body raised up by Christ. Our perfect salvation in the love of Christ.

There is surprisingly low emphasis on heaven in the history of the Christian Church. Even in some of the Reformation times and the greatest systematic theologies written, it’s rather shocking that even Calvin has only two pages out of 1200 in his theology on heaven. So, it’s not just our day but throughout all Church history, there has been a lack of focus by the people of God on their real home – their future – instead of focusing on this temporary place we call earth.

Now, today, that silence about heaven is exacerbated because of our comfort here on earth. We are too much in love with, and preoccupied with, this present world. We are too comfortable here.

Perhaps most of all, we don’t focus very much on heaven because it’s so sacred and intimate that we have a hard time talking about it. And yet, the Bible talks a lot about heaven. It is good to dwell on what God has in store for His people in heaven.